Friday, January 23, 2015

Just a quick update...

Hey, all!

Apologies for the sluggish updates on my blog. I've been currently busy with work and a few other things hence the neglect on this account. Anyway, since the start of this year, I've been thinking of things that I want to do, things that I want to explore. Been doing the whole magazine bit half my life, not that I'm complaining because I am still in-love with it, I just want something new to do.

Here are a few things in my head that I'd start working on and hopefully sustain til I get sick of it:

1) I want to enroll in a script writing workshop
2) I want to learn how to surf really well
3) I want to work on a movie set, not as an actor, but as a....I dunno. I'll get back to this.
4) I want to learn how to play the drums
5) I want to learn how to play tennis
6) I want to travel some more (this is in my top priority)
7) I want to start on my next project for this blog (yep, I'm working on something)
8) I want to continue working on my Cover Collab project
9) I want to write at least 5 songs this year

I know something will soon come up and it would be added in this list.

Exciting times ahead. Gotta love it! Hhhmm... What to start first?