Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why I Got Thinner: No Secret Behind It Really

I think I've always been overweight. I love to eat, I mean, who doesn't really? Probably the thinnest women out there dream of eating the fattest food that they could eat if they have the convenience to. I never had a problem with my body other than sometimes I'd feel heavy sporting it. It just gets a bit tiring sometimes whenever people would really go out of their way to tell you the obvious..."Tumataba ka." or "Ang taba mo ngayon ah?" People! NO SANE WOMAN WOULD WANT TO HEAR THESE THINGS! Trust me. It is hurtful. I don't think I could ever remember telling anyone that she's getting fat...well, at least not to their faces. Weight is something that a woman has a love and hate relationship with, just like her hair or her skin. Say something negative about it and it automatically pinches our hearts. I remember working for this publishing company and whenever this particular person sees me, she would always tell me that I'm getting fatter...walang mintis yun ha! Everyday that she would see me talagang sasabihin nya yun. That's why I would really try to avoid her in the hallway so she won't be able to ruin my day.