Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meeting My College Crush....again....please wipe this grin off my face :)

"I had a crush on you when I was in college!" says I to actor Baron Geisler. Aaaahhh, a really good example of verbal diarrhea, jesusmaryandjoseph. Yesterday was the second time that I've been introduced to him but it's as well be the first because he was probably too hammered to remember the last time that we met. Not that it was a surprise, when I told him about our first meeting he doesn't have any recollection hehe. I got to Pen Pens Restaurant yesterday and he was already there with Ping Medina, my friend, whose father I love, and the owner of the restaurant. Baron was wearing a floral polo and a jacket. Wow, he actually dressed up for this shoot and interview. He was very pleasant, very amiable, and cute. He was a bit conscious while talking to me, for reasons unknown, I wasn't at any way intimidating. I could probably pass as a stupid giggly girl for what I was doing at that time....being stupid and giggling. Anyway, I interviewed him and did a quick shoot for the mag and it only took about an hour and the kulitan portion took longer.The interview will come out in UNO really soon, it's quite good.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello! I'm still alive.

Wow! I knew this would happen.Like all the other blogs that I've opened and neglected, this one is no different. Anyhu, how are you, reader? How's life? Mine has been the same, it has been swallowed by work and occasional social get-togethers. I really don't have that much to share other than the fact that I sometimes envy the lives of others. How on Earth that some people have the luxury to just travel almost every month as if they're born to do it? I want that life! I NEED THAT LIFE! I want to travel and also have the luxury not to think about if I'd still have a job to come back to or.. or.. or.. have enough money to just stay wherever the heck I want. How can I have that life? Can somebody just tell me?

It's terrible to be me sometimes. I don't seem to feel contented easily recently. I'm secretly afraid of so many things. There are days that I just don't want to get up from my bed because...just because. I'm not depressed. I don't have valid reasons to be depressed. I have a job, a family, friends and a few others aspects that should make me happy. So what is this emptiness that I've been feeling? Hhhhmmm....

I'm blabbering.

Everything will be fine.