Thursday, July 21, 2011

To You Who Don't Know Me That Well

Don't believe in other people's opinions about me. They don't fully know me. If they're trying to unknowingly convince you to hate me, don't believe them. Those are just words. Words that have nothing to do with who I am and what I've been doing. Mema...memasabi na lang yung ilan. I'm not saying that I'm the nicest woman out there, for the love of all cute puppies no! All I'm saying is that I hope before you even believe people who are saying not so nice things about me, have the time to get to know me first.

I'm the easiest person to get along with. I laugh about the oddest things. I just recently cried while watching the latest Harry Potter movie so it means that I'm a bit compassionate and melodramatic. I get irritated at the simplest things but I believe in the possibility that one can redeem him or herself through the power of a free lunch or dinner. I do say a lot of not so nice things about some people but most of the time these are justifiable by their actions (or somebody else's stories). And if I'm at fault, I apologize. It's not good to judge, I tell that to myself all the time. Don't easily judge people if you don't want to be easily judged yourself.

As much as I don't want it to get to me, it's just that there are some who make it a habit to be mean. No grace whatsoever. Thinking like they're god's gift to mankind and can say just the most hurtful things unimaginable. I have been guilty of such things when I was younger but I'd like to think that as I've grown older, it's not that I've become wiser, it's the fact that I don't care that much anymore. But words sting, it gets you thinking sometimes if I'm really that kind of person? A monster. Evil. A person so crude that people vomit before they even talk to me. But if I were those things, why do I still have the nicest group of friends? Why do I still have a family who cares for me? Why do I still feel that I'm important at work? Yes, I may not have that special someone who would fight for me to the death but I can and will fight my own battles.

So you see, I cannot convince you to be my friend, but the least that you can do is to not easily believe hearsay. Anyway, I'm just a comment away should you need to clarify on things. I wish you good health and have a nice life.

Thank you for reading,


Friday, July 15, 2011

Once You Go Black Mamba....

Just this Wednesday, LA Lakers' Kobe Bryant was here. I'm not really a huge basketball fan ( I was when it was during the Bulls' era) but seeing Kobe in the flesh was pretty exciting.

I was with my Associate Editor France when we saw him first at his presscon in the Manila Peninsula. There were tons of press there asking him all sorts of questions from the NBA lockout (which was a bit inappropriate since it concerns money and politics in their industry meeehhh...but Kobe answered anyway) to his injured knee, from the food that he tasted here to the secret of his success ("practice, practice, practice" he said). France asked something about his dad being a coach for another basketball league which he answered really nicely saying that he's absolutely excited about the fact that his dad is coaching since he's a huge role model for him. Me, being a non-practicing basketball fan asked him about how was is working with Kanye West (yes, he worked with Kanye, Bruce Willis and a few other guest stars for this Black Mamba ad directed by Robert Rodriguez). I got his reply on video (actually we had the entire presscon on video, I'll be posting clips of it here soon) but basically he said that it was nice working with Kanye since they've been friends for years. He even visited him in his studio while he was working on his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album.

Every time Kobe would look our way, the giddy woman in me would just wave at him and being the nice celebrity athlete that he is, he would just smile and wave back (I had about 3 smiles and 3 waves from him hahaha yes, I counted!).
After the presscon, we headed to the Fort where he visited the Nike store and had a really short program just to say hello to his fans.

Immediately after, we went straight to the Araneta Coliseum where there was an exhibition gave by the UAAP all stars vs the Smart Gilas. Kobe was just watching at first but when the 20 min game was over he approached a few people who were at the panel and asked to have an 8 min game with him playing with the UAAP all stars. The hosts said that he has never done this before so much to the delight of everybody it was ooonnnn!!! He wore an FEU jersey (yellow jersey = LA Laker...yep! bastaaaa...) and just did a heck of a job playing with everyone at the court.

But amidst the dunks and the 3 points, Smart Gilas still won but of course the highlight of everybody's night there was the fact Kobe did play. He sure did entertained the heck out of me.

I don't know how to write that good but I like Kobe Bryant! MJ, you'll always be in my heart, but Kobe will do for now ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Read or Write?

What shall I do this Sunday?

I really, really want to read today. I have a few books in my Galaxy tab that I want to start reading but I couldn't find the time. Now that I have today, maybe I should try and read something. Although there's a few articles that are due really soon that I must start on. Jesus Christ, what a dilemma I'm making this out to be...

Baaahhh, I'll decide late. Anyway, here's a new cover that I did yesterday.

Got This Money (Childish Gambino original) by denise

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday night.

And I'm here at home....There's nothing new with that really :| Time to use my tab and read Game of Thrones.

Those are my ugly feet (you'll be seeing a lot of them here in this blog....fair warning!) and my record player Stoermer :)

To Absorb the Arctic Monkeys ASAP

My deadline for coming up with questions for Arctic Monkeys is today. I set it myself so I still have until tonight to do it. To be honest I haven't listened to their new album Suck It and See enough to say anything good and bad about it. I would probably do so on my way home.

As far as my ears are concerned, most of their songs in the new album are more "mellow" with a late 60s and early 70s Rolling Stones-y vibe to it. Oh dear AM fans who are reading this blog, do not kill me for saying so, it's my ears' observation so blame them not my fingers. At least I think my ears are pleased with it. Alex Turner has a knack for really writing good lyrics. What a talented man. I just want to hug him and never let him go. Anyway, I can't say a lot because I'm saving all my opinions in my article/feature on them since I (think) have been given a chance to interview the lads or any one of them, whoever is less busy or seriously bored to answer my email interview.  

I don't write that good but I like the Arctic Monkeys and will interview them soon :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Love for Chowder!

For the past weeks, from 10pm up to 12mn my TV is tuned in to Cartoon Network. Jesus freakin' Christ I love Chowder.

I am so addicted with this cartoon like a heroin addict loves his fix. Too bad I heard they already canceled the show :( . I specifically like Chowder's voice which is actually done by a kid named Nick Jones. It's not like in the Simpsons where Bart is voiced by a woman and Lisa also by a grown woman, sorry to burst your bubble Simpsons newbies...if there's still any 'cause that cartoon has been running for ages! Anyway, call me brutal but I love it every time Chowder cries (or should I say weep), it's cute!


Adorable! So OK, it's already 10:30pm, time for The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

The Strokes and How Their Music Defuses all the Annoying Things in My World Right Now

I've been playing my entire collection of The Strokes songs in my iPod here in the office. It's on shuffle so sometimes "You Only Live Once" would play and then another version of the same song would play immediately after. The entire collection have been playing for almost 3 hours straight and it's close to being in its 4th hour, yes, I do have a lot of Strokes songs but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Yesterday, it was Kylie Minogue and Mariah Carey day here at the office. No we didn't go to work wearing Kylie and Mariah inspired clothes which would be really skimpy for my own sake and for the rest of the people here,  instead I played Kylie and Mariah songs. I downloaded something online that said Kylie Minogue Hits, and true to its name, the songs in the .rar file were all her hits, or at least the songs that I'm familiar with. Too bad "Especially for You" wasn't in it but "Kids" (featuring Robbie Williams) was. I love that song. Kylie day was triggered because me and my Associate Editor France Pinzon weren't able to watch her concert which I heard was one of the gayest things that hit this soil! Shit! I would have loved to be there and watched Kylie straddle Pegasus! Huhuhuhu. I'm still very sad actually but not as sad as when I wasn't able to watch John Legend (that, my friends, is a totally different story but let's just say that I've been melancholic for about a week).

Anyway, after at least 3 rounds of the Kylie hits, I got tired of singing  Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-naaaa, then France asked "wala ka bang Mariah?" HA! It's a trick question obviously! How dare her ask me if I have any Mariah songs in my iPod? THE NERDDD!!! (I know, that it's "the nerve"). So Mariah she wanted, Mariah she got. You guys should have heard us, if banshees were hunted at this day and age, France and I would have been staked already. Complete with the Mumamariah hand gestures, our awful versions of her high pitch punchlines, damn we were amazingly horrendous. Our families would have disowned us if they heard us singing HONEEEYYY, I CAN'T DESCRIBE, HOW GOOD IT FEELS INSIIIDEEEE (honeeeyyyeaahhh). It was fun though.

Wait, this post  was supposed to be about The Strokes, right? So going back to that, this office is not what you can say the most uhhhmmm feasible and sensible place to write. There are just a lot of things going on; a lot of unwanted noise. But for some strange reason though, I can write (or attempt to) even though The Strokes are blasting in my background and it just magically defuses all the annoying little things that I don't want to hear. From time to time though I catch myself making a weird face every time Julian (Casablancas) would croak or reach that weird high note (insert France saying "Julian, ano na? What's happening?"). I also had my "Let me listen to their solo projects" phase. I listened to Julian's Phrazes for the Young (I think France took a liking to "11th Dimension," I caught her humming it a few times), Fab's Little Joy, and Albert's Yours to Keep and Como te Llama. I skipped Nikolai's album, I don't like his singing voice (I'm sorry, Niko...but I just can't) but I keep coming back to The Strokes. Their song "Soma" is now playing and it's almost 6pm, I would love to continue this love story with The Strokes but there's always tomorrow.

I don't know how to write that good but I love listening to The Strokes, Kylie and Mariah.

Hi! My name is Denise.

....and I don't know how to write that good :( But I really want to learn by practicing hence this blog. If you decide to follow me, thank you and I'll try not to disappoint you. I am but sure that my posts will live up to its blog title. Should you not wish to follow, it's OK, I'd probably do the same thing anyway ;)

I hope you all have a nice day. Less stress but hopefully very productive :)

Here's a picture for you that I took when I was in Punta Fuego.